On December 27, 2016 The MJ Estate filed a motion to compel Wade Robson to produce essential documents. This motion gave us a first detailed look into the discovery phase and one thing is certain - time after time, Wade Robson is blatantly and desperately lying to withhold discovery from MJ Estate. From manipulating evidence to shopping a tell-all book, here is the unbelievable information that we have learnt from the motion to compel. (Document here)

It is now confirmed that Joy Robson and Wade’s siblings were deposed at the end of September 2016 as planned. Wade Robson was deposed at December 2016. On March 28, 2016 The MJ Companies served Wade Robson with their first set of requests for production (RFP). They asked Wade Robson about all the documents and all of communications between him and any person relating to his abuse allegations. However, it seems that Wade is no longer eager to share his truth:

1. Wade Robson initially produced one single email when asked to produce all communications relating to his allegations of abuse

On June 3, 2016 Wade Robson produced a single email and stated under oath that it was the only communications he had. The single email mentioned is the September 7, 2012 email that Wade Robson sent to 30 people. Judge Beckloff mentioned this email in his dismissal ruling at the probate case. According to Judge Beckloff’s ruling this email included sentences of “very personal information”, “extremely sensitive legal matter” and “truth of his (Robson’s) past”. This email was one of the reasons why Judge Beckloff dismissed the probate claim. (Link ) The new discovery shows there are plenty of other emails and documents that Wade failed to produce.

2. Wade Robson continuously lied under oath about existence of documents as well as his search and production of them

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As reported in the previous update, Judge ruled on first Safechuck demurrer on August 2016. Judge granted Estate’s demurrer request but also gave Safechuck the chance to amend his complaint.

The new lawyers that represent Robson, Safechuck and Jane Doe amended both Robson and Safechuck complaints adding claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent supervision, negligent retention/hiring, negligent failure to warn, train or educate and breach of fiduciary duty.

Very quickly Estate filed a second demurrer to Safechuck’s amended complaint. Below you will find a short summary. You can read the scanned document here : https://www.scribd.com/document/335476670/Demurrer-to-Safechuck-s-Second-Amended-Complaint

Estate argues that Safechuck failed to list valid causes of action in his complaint. Even from the start Estate points to the obvious - how Safechuck (plus Robson and Jane Doe of course) tries to make this all about the MJ Companies to keep their lawsuits alive. safchuckdemurrer1

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Several weeks ago we examined a LA based talk radio legal show that Robson/Safechuck/Doe lawyer Vince Finaldi was on. Soon after we published our blog post, I was alerted to another radio interview that Finaldi took part in. This interview actually took place on September 15, 2016 but it went unnoticed. While MichaelJacksonAllegations and a friend were helping me to dissect this interview, Jane Doe filed her complaint. So we focused on that unexpected development first, putting this interview on the backburner. Now we are finally ready to publish another commentary.

In this interview Finaldi is discussing Robson’s amended complaint.

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The last time I reported on the Robson case, Robson changed lawyers and wanted to amend his complaint. Judge Beckloff allowed Robson to amend his complaint for the 4th time. This restarted the whole process of initial reply, demurrer and so on. (Previous updates here and here).

On November 14th, 2016 Estate filed their initial reply to the newly amended Robson complaint. It can be found at this link : https://www.scribd.com/document/335258879/MJ-Companies-Answer-to-Robson-4th-Amended-Complaint

The initial answer document is a short document that includes the preliminary statement and general denial of the claims. In 2015, Estate had filed a similar initial reply to the previous complaint (Link)

When you compare the 2015 Answer document (for 3rd complaint) to the 2016 Answer document (for 4th complaint), you will see several similarities. But the interesting thing is the Estate’s change in the words they are using and how stronger they get. It seems that just like the fans, the Estate is getting tired with this absurd never ending cycle of Robson’s case.

First, the Estate start their answer by calling Robson’s accusations “meritless sham” - both the old answer and the new answer mention Robson’s testimony in 2005 and how Robson recanted his testimony now for the sole purpose of getting money from the MJ Estate – which would mean taking money away from Michael’s kids. This time the Estate calls the 2005 trial as meritless as well.

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Another day, another complaint, another press release, another media rounds. This results in another installment of picking apart a radio interview of Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe lawyers. Robson/ Safechuck/ Doe lawyers are regulars of this show. The hosts of this show are known to be negative towards Michael as they have done blast shows against him back in 2005. This time Finaldi came to discuss the recent complaint filed by Jane Doe.

Like I did last time I invited MichaelJacksonAllegations and a friend to help me with commentary. (You can read our previous blog post by clicking here). The audio was posted on the radio show website on October 27th.

Note: There were two male hosts on the show. I didn’t try to differentiate between them.

Hosts: Often we have attorneys from the law firm Manly, Stewart and Finaldi. Finaldi is coming on now. They filed a lawsuit. In Los Angeles county superior court they have filed a lawsuit on behalf of a woman that they are calling Jane AA Doe. Supposedly a child sexual abuse victim of Michael Jackson. A girl. She was victimized when she was 12 years old and this began in 1986. This continued until she turned 15 and reached puberty. She also claims that there were cash payments were made to her. Let’s get Vince and talk about this case. A little bit of startler, it’s a female. A girl.

Finaldi: Good afternoon how you guys are doing

Hosts: Fine. First time I heard Michael Jackson molesting a girl.

Finaldi : Well you never know what you are going to hear if you live around long enough. But considering his behaviors that we know he had engaged in, it’s not surprising to me. It is important to understand that the sexual behaviors of pedophiles are different from the blueprint of sexually normal individuals. So it’s not surprising in the context of who he actually was.

Commentary: Allow me to fix that statement: If you push long enough and dangle promise of enough money, anyone can make accusations even though how unbelievable it might be.

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