Today - December 5th, 2017- is the hearing date for the summary judgment motion filed by the MJ Estate to dismiss Robson’s case against MJ Companies. Since our last update, Robson continued his attempts to depose Chandler and Spence families and they continue to be uncooperative. Robson have filed an opposition to MJ Estate’s summary judgment motion and MJ Estate have filed a reply. For the time being, we don’t see much benefit in repeating the same arguments from both sides that we have seen over and over again at previous demurrers at Safechuck and Robson cases. (Although in the future we might explore some of the accompanying exhibits.)

While we wait for Judge Beckloff to rule on MJ Estate’s summary judgment motion, we wanted to post the last 2 pages of Estate’s reply to Robson’s opposition. These last pages perfectly explains the absurdity of these claims.

First we learn that Robson’s desperate attempts to discovery hasn’t uncovered anything new, it’s the same discredited allegations of the past. Furthermore every witness who claimed Michael did something wrong was laid off by Michael and sued Michael for money long before they made any allegations. These people were Blanca Francia, Charlie Michaels (whose story is refuted by Wade's own mother), Orietta Murdock, Donald Stark and Leroy Thomas (of Hayvenhurst 5).  All of these people were paid by tabloid media and in his deposition Donald Stark even said that Diane Dimond’s Hard Copy wanted them to fabricate stories. It’s very telling that even Sneddon did not use Michaels, Murdock and any of the Hayvenhurst 5. Yet now Wade is trying to build a case based on these people with serious credibility issues.

(Note: Donald Stark and Leroy Thomas are from a group of bodyguards dubbed by the media as "The Hayvenhurst 5" who did not even work for MJ but for the Jacksons at Hayvenhurst. They were fired in February 1993, then when the Chandler allegations hit they tried to use them for their own benefit. Suing MJ, claiming they were laid off because "they knew too much" and they got paid $100,000 ($20,000 each) by Hard Copy. Eventually the Court dismissed their lawsuit against MJ. )

Finally MJ Estate points out how all accusers first went to a civil lawyer to explore being paid before going public or going to the authorities. As a final nail in the coffin, MJ Estate uses no other than Joy Robson’s words to question the credibility of the money seeking accusers.