On June 25,  A sea of Roses will be delivered to Forest Lawn to commemorate the anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing.  They are a gift from his loyal fans from all over the world. 'One Rose For Michael J. Jackson' is a project that is very dear to my heart, because  it give fans from all over the world a chance to express their deep love and affection for Michael to the  world in a very beautiful, significant and public way.






This will be the 5th Anniversary of Michael's passing and once again fans will be showing their love and respect by sending a roses to forest lawn for Michael. Many fans are unable to visit Forest lawn to pay their respect. So  In this way we  can be there  via our roses. We are showing the world that Michael is still loved very dearly by his fans around the world and will never be forgotten. This is a grand statement  of how much Michael Jackson means to us and always will. 






The Roses are ordered from Passion growers in the  LA area and carefully handled and delivered to the fans (event organizers) at Forest Lawn, who place them around Michael's resting place. It is a beautiful sight to behold. The walk way all the way up to and around Holly Terrace is literally covered in a sea of Roses for Michael.



(2013) MJ fans sent over 13 Thousand Roses to honor their beloved Michael Jackson




To continue Michael's charitable legacy, the One Rose website also promotes,  Unicef and St Judes Charities for Children. The MJ fanbase worldwide donates to many various charities in Michael's name. and has even built a childrens home in Liberia and one in Haiti, funded by the fans. The 'One Rose For Michael J, Jackson' project was created specifically for fans to send flowers to Michael's final resting place. So the MJ fan base has all bases covered, when it comes to honoring their beloved Michael Jackson.


After the event the flowers are then delivered by the fans to hospitals nursing homes, shelters and also Lullabye Land (childrens section) at Forest lawn so others can be touched by their beauty and enjoy the Love gift of  Michael's Roses.



Make sure your Rose for Michael is there?


The cut off date to order your rose(s) is June 18th




Paypal accounts send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Send $3.00 per Long stem freedom Rose

Only $21.00 for 7 roses ( Michael's favorite number)



For more information and details in how to purchase your rose

via credit or debit card, visit OneRose4MJJ official site at