On June 25,  A sea of Roses will be delivered to Forest Lawn to commemorate the anniversary of Michael Jackson's passing.  They are a gift from his loyal fans from all over the world. 'One Rose For Michael J. Jackson' is a project that is very dear to my heart, because  it give fans from all over the world a chance to express their deep love and affection for Michael to the  world in a very beautiful, significant and public way.






This will be the 5th Anniversary of Michael's passing and once again fans will be showing their love and respect by sending a roses to forest lawn for Michael. Many fans are unable to visit Forest lawn to pay their respect. So  In this way we  can be there  via our roses. We are showing the world that Michael is still loved very dearly by his fans around the world and will never be forgotten. This is a grand statement  of how much Michael Jackson means to us and always will. 


Originally posted at Las Vegas Sun by Robin Leach. Link here : http://lasvegassun.com/vegasdeluxe/2014/may/17/billboard-awards-preview-michael-jackson-imagery-i/

A “real-life” Michael Jackson will appear halfway through the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday at MGM Grand Garden Arena despite last-minute lawsuits and court filings to block the spectacle.

“It’s as if he’s still alive. He’s totally real. It’s absolutely uncanny. People who have seen just a little of it have become so emotional, they have tears running down their face. They are sobbing because it’s as if he didn’t die,” I was told.

Late Friday, federal judge Kent Dawson ruled here that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove that patents on previous hologram 3D images held by two companies and an individual had been violated.

The emergency lawsuit had been filed against the King of Pop’s estate and its trustees John Branca and Howard Weitzman by Hologram USA Inc., Musion Das Hologram Ltd and businessman Alki David, who says that he control rights to hologram technology.

A veil of secrecy has been lowered over the Billboard extravaganza. The only official word from ABC and Dick Clark Productions is that “it will be a history-making performance.” My original story about the imagery was posted at Vegas DeLuxe on Tuesday when Michael’s new album “Xscape” was released.

But I learned exclusively Friday night that Michael’s image to be unveiled about halfway in the three-hour ABC telecast is brand new technology.

“It was two years in development and took an additional six months to create for this network premiere,” I was told. “This is way, way beyond a hologram. It is way, way beyond what you know as 3D. This isn’t even digital. It is far more advanced and a totally new process.”




According to Toofab the Estate of Michael Jackson was present at a closed dress rehearsal for the "moment" at 6:30pm on Thursday in Las Vegas -- and everyone watching had to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to keep the specifics under wraps.


This is what we do know:

- Insiders describe the spot as "a world on stage that captures the essence of Michael, all the excitement and magic that is MJ."


We're told it'll make stunts like 2Pac's now infamous hologram performance at Coachella look "like a 1980s video game."



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