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First listen: Michael Jackson's posthumous 'Xscape'



It's easy, and probably healthy, to approach any new release of Michael Jackson music with some skepticism. Nearly five years after his death, the King of Pop remains both an indelible influence on contemporary artists and a source of the kind of prurient and morose fascination that is always as marketable, if not as memorable, as a great tune.


Luckily, the posthumous Xscape, out May 13, offers some reminders of why Jackson entered our collective consciousness to begin with. The eight tracks here showcase songs, culled from the late superstar's vault, originally recorded between 1983 and 1999, after Jackson's early creative peak as a recording artist (with his 1979 solo breakthrough Off the Wall and 1982's Thriller).



I was so excited to receive my Invitation for an all expense paid Xscape to L.A. California by the Estate of Michael Jackson and Epic records. I was invited along with 10 other fans from various parts of the world that represented their fan clubs.  We were not told what the event we would be attending was, but I had my suspicions.  I was very happy to accept the invite. 




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