- Percocet mention is coming from Dr. Sasaki. Apparently he prescribed it twice and refused to give it a third time. This was 93. 

Metzger deposition parts

- Klein socialized , had more personal relationship with Michael
- Klein was like a mother hen , like to be the first door, handling a lot of medical stuff. sometimes call Metzger (Debbie called him), told about Michael's complaints, asked for advice , medical care. Metzger would give advice without seeing Michael. If it concerned him, he would ask to see Michael.
- Metzger prescribed Plaquenil for lupus

- Metzger says he never knew Michael would be having surgery
- Hoefflin had unusual views regards to Michael's health, trying to advise on general health, a lot feelings about sleep, herb medicines
- Metzger tried melatonin, echinacea and prescription meds for Michael's insomnia
- Metzger heard concerns about Michael taking too much pain medicine from Karen, Debbie, Klein and Hoefflin, Michael never told him what he was doing
- Metzger once talked with Michael saying getting A from Dr. A and getting B from Dr. B can hurt him. He told Michael to minimize pain medicine he was taking for any surgery. 
- Metzger provided some drugs for 93 tour and says Michael left for tour against his wishes, he was too sick and Metzger did not want him to leave
- Metzger had concerns about Ratner and what he was doing for sleep but did not know specifics
- at least 2-3 times Debbie told him her concerns saying Michael was getting medicines for minor procedures when no one else does.
- they tried to replace Demerol with another agent. Metzger cannot remember what but it could placebo, Toradol or Talwin
- Metzger says Klein felt stuck. He needed to do these surgeries on Michael and he had a low pain threshold so he needed to give Demerol. Klein would sometimes say to Metzger "I wish I could give him something else"
- Metzger heard from Klein that he was trying to convince Michael to take less pain medicines

note : most of the above seems to be 1993. 

- Van valin removed the implant from right lower abdomen because the wound was infected. he did not know what the implant did. He gave Michael Levaquin for infection. Looks like later on he asked Farshchian how the implant worked.

- Gordon is a doctor that Michael went to get fillers in his face before TII. Murray called Dr. Gordon for the procedure. After the procedure Gordon did not provide any post care or pain medications because Murray told him he was Michael's personal doctor and he was taking care of Michael's day to day needs.