Jacksons vs AEG - Day 27 – June 11 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson was present court for the morning session.

Randy Phillips Testimony

Jackson direct

Phillips said on Jun 25, the day MJ died, he was going to head to Staples Center, had no intention of going to Carolwood or pick up MJ. (ABC7)

Much of the questioning centered on Jackson's manager relationships and “This is It” production costs. Panish focused on a letter that Phillips sent to Jackson’s former manager Tohme Tohme on June 28, 2009, three days after MJ died. The letter, signed by Tohme, was to confirm the Michael Jackson Co. was responsible for all the production costs for “This Is It.” (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 26 – June 10 2013 – Summary

Katherine Jackson was at court for the morning session

Randy Phillips Testimony

Jackson direct

Panish showed an email from Tim Leiweke (CEO of AEG) to Dan Beckerman (CFO/COO of AEG) in which Beckerman described Phillips as jittery. "Trouble with MJ," Leiweke wrote in email to Beckerman on Jun 20. "Big trouble." Beckerman responded: "I figured something might be wrong given how jittery Randy has been this week. Is it "pre-show nerves" bad or "get a straight jacket/call our insurance carrier" bad?" Phillips said he was not jittery, but concerned with the show. Jittery mean shaking and he said he doesn't think that's how he was. (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 24 – June 5 2013 – Summary

No Jackson family is in court

Randy Phillips Testimony

Jackson direct

Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand. Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered: "Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?"(ABC7)

Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn't know who exactly owns AEG. Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about MJ's tour. (ABC7)

Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of MJ. Phillips said AEG's media person set up several interviews for him after MJ's death. Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of MJ. "It's called the truth." (ABC7)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 25 – June 6 2013 – Summary

No Jackson family is at court

Randy Phillips Testimony

Jackson direct

Plaintiff's attorney Brian Panish started out by asking AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips about his preparations for today. Phillips said he spent about 2 hours and 15 minutes preparing for today's testimony. Today's testimony was very focused on emails. (AP)

Panish asked Phillips who subpoenaed his phone records. The exec confirmed it was LAPD. (ABC7) 

Panish focused almost all his questions on emails that Phillips received or sent on June 19th and 20th 2009. He focused on emails we've seen before from production manager John "Bugzee" Hougdahl and director Kenny Ortega. (AP)

Jacksons vs AEG - Day 23 – June 4 2013 – Summary

Katherine was at the court with Austin Brown.

Paul Gongaware Testimony

AEG cross

He was asked about Jackson’s final two rehearsals at Staples Center. Gongaware couldn’t details about recall the first one. He said he wasn’t particularly attentive about Jackson’s health, appearance. This was 1st rehearsal after Jackson missed one 4 days earlier. (AP) Gongaware said MJ rehearsed on June 23rd. "He was fine," Gongaware described, saying his understanding was that MJ was okay. Gongaware said he wasn't being specifically attentive on the 23rd because he didn't think there was a problem with Michael. MJ rehearsed on Jun 24th. Gongaware watched "Thriller" in its entirety, it was the 1st time they were using costume. He said MJ seemed fine. (ABC7) The second rehearsal on June 24, 2009, Gongaware watched Thriller. “He was fine,” he said of Jackson. (AP)