May 2013

Lloyds lawsuit has been delayed to February 2014 based on a request by Lloyds.


May 2013

Estate and Lloyds will sit down for mediation to try to settle this case.


Something that's not reported in the media


Lloyd's issued subpoena's to 7 doctors for Michael's medical records. Those are


Dr. Edward Kantor - otolaryngology

Dr. Arnold Klein

Cherilyn Lee

Nutrimed Health (Lee's company/practice)

Dr. Allan Metzger

Mickey Fine Pharmacy

Westcliff Labaratories



Initial AP Story



(AP) — The insurer of Michael Jackson's canceled comeback concerts has asked a judge to nullify a policy intended to protect concert promoters if the singer wasn't able to complete the shows.


Lloyd's of London sued AEG Live and Jackson's company on Monday, claiming the concert promoter has failed to provide necessary medical information and details about the physician charged with the singer's death.


Lloyd's issued a non-appearance and concert cancellation policy in April 2009 — roughly two months before the pop superstar died. It was issued under an alias, "Mark Jones" and was supposed to cover up to $17.5 million in liability, according to the lawsuit.