August 2015 Update: Henry Vaccaro's defamation lawsuit against John Branca got dismissed due to lack of jurisdiction. Vaccaro had filed the lawsuit in New Jersey but Branca isn't a New Jersey resident and doesn't have enough ties to New Jersey for NJ to have jurisdiction on him. If Vaccaro wants to pursue his defamation lawsuit, he will have to refile in California. 

Original Post: In an interesting turn of events Henry Vaccaro sues John Branca for defamation.  You might know that Henry Vaccaro had a business deal with Jacksons in 1993. When Jacksons failed to make payments, Vaccaro sued and won judgments against several members of Jackson family. Vaccaro later seized some assets (also known as Jackson family memorabilia) to satisfy those judgments. Both Janet and Michael sued Vaccaro. Michael successfully shut down a pay per view website but did not follow up the lawsuit due to his criminal proceedings. So as a result Michael’s 2004 lawsuit against Vaccaro was dismissed.

Vaccaro later formed a partnership with Howard Mann. Howard Mann formed a partnership with Katherine Jackson to exploit Vaccaro assets. MJ Estate sued Mann and later Vaccaro for copyright infringement. Estate argued Michael wasn’t a part of the original bankruptcy/judgments and Michael maintained his copyrights. Court agreed that the bankruptcy sale sold only personal property but did not transfer any rights, titles or interest in MJ’s intellectual property. In other words while Vaccaro is/was the owner of the physical items he acquired during Jacksons bankruptcy/judgment, Michael Jackson (and now his Estate) is the owner of MJ's intellectual property rights.

At the end court granted a permanent injunction to stop Mann/Vaccaro from using those assets (mainly photographs, drawings and music) and they were ordered to pay $2.5 Million to MJ Estate. Vaccaro is responsible for paying $500,000 to MJ Estate while Mann is responsible for the rest.

In a recent twist, on December 17,2014 Vaccaro filed a defamation lawsuit against John Branca. In his lawsuit Vaccaro says in May 2013 Core Media approached to him to acquire some or all of Jackson Memorabilia. (At the time Core Media was part owner of Elvis Presley Estate and memorabilia but they sold their share at November 2013.)


July 2011

Since Michael Jackson died in 2009, the estate has been raking in money, earning estimated profits of more than $300 million through music sales and licensing projects.

Now, the personal management firm of DeMann Entertainment, which represented Jackson from the lucrative period between 1978 to 1983, is seeking its cut from the newfound success.

On Tuesday, Demann Entertainment (formerly Weisner-Demann) filed a motion in LA Superior Court to compel arbitration with John Branca, the executor of the Michael Jackson estate.

Demann asserts that its 1978 personal management agreement with Jackson entitles it to certain monetary commissions as well as an "unrestricted and unlimited right" to audit financial records to make sure that proper commissions are being paid. The firm says it has read press accounts of the success that the MJ estate has enjoyed recently, and has reason to believe it has not been paid in full.



November 2012

Michael Jackson's personal assistant has filed a class action lawsuit against AEG, claiming he and the rest of the employees connected with the "This Is It" tour lost lots of money because the company negligently hired and supervised Dr. Conrad Murray.

Williams is asking for unspecified damages. 


It's a breach of contract lawsuit. Here's the document : http://www.scribd.com/doc/113142039/Michael-Amir-Complaint


AEG’s lawyer, Marvin Putnam of O’Melveny & Myers, calls the lawsuit "frivolous" and "truly unfortunate."


October 2012

Original TMZ story

A music producer claims he's owed at least $24 MILLION for his work on the Paul Anka/Michael Jackson collaboration "This Is it" -- and now, he's suing Anka and the MJ Estate for the money.

The producer -- named Michael Jonzun -- filed the lawsuit in Massachusetts federal court, claiming he helped remake Paul and MJ's 1983 song "I Never Heard" ... into what eventually became MJ's 2009 song "This Is It."

According to the lawsuit, Jonzun owns one-third of "This Is It" but he never got paid his share of the song's proceeds -- so he's suing.

Paul Anka tells TMZ, he has never even heard the name Michael Jonzun before today -- and any claims Jonzun owns a portion of "This Is It" are "BS."


Got the complaint file 

This music producer is not only suing MJ Estate and Paul Anka but he's also suing Sony and Epic, Sony Pictures and AEG Live. He doesn't have a lawyer he's representing himself. 


Well Michael is no stranger to random women and men filing crazy lawsuits against him. We already have several cases posted on our forum. We have the very famous Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson who claims to be Michael's secret wife, Billie Jean Jackson claiming to be Blanket's mother, a woman that claimed Michael stalked her for two decades and another woman claiming Michael wrote about their secret relationship in his songs and demanded $1 Billion .

As I was checking for updates in the lawsuits I came across another lawsuit that was filed Fall 2012 by another woman.

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