I was able to get the complaint file from the court and I wanted to share it with the rest of the fans. I will also continue to report the developments in this case. Scroll to the end of page for the complaint document.

Short summary:

The complaint mentions Radar Online articles from June 23rd to June 28th. The complaint states that 3t were the only nephews identified in the stories. 3T and Katherine Jackson are also the only Jackson family members mentioned by name in Radar Online stories. The main issue seems to be criminal conduct Radar Online attributed to 3T. They argue that when a reasonable person reads Radar Online stories, they would conclude that 3T were bribed to conceal MJ’s criminal activities from authorities. They give examples of international media reporting MJ molested his own nephews and silenced them with gifts.

3T deny all of the stories. They state none of them were sexually abused by MJ or had any sort of sexual contact with him. 3T states they did not resist any effort by detectives to inquire about MJ and none of them were spirited off to an island or were gifted a brand new car.