Only a week after the oral arguments Court of Appeals have denied Katherine Jackson’s request for a new trial against AEG and affirmed jury’s decision. Court of Appeals released a 39 page ruling and certified the ruling for publication making it citable by other parties and courts.

Assuming not everyone will have time or interest to read the full ruling, I decided to copy sections from the ruling to make it easier to understand why the Court of Appeals decided the way they did.

Court of Appeal’s 39 page ruling can be found at this link


Negligence claim

Jacksons argued the trial court made a mistake in dismissing the negligence claim. Below is Court of Appeal’s explanation why the trial court’s decision was correct.


Ongoing appeals are updated below:

March 6, 2014 update: 

CONSOLIDATED APPEAL: The two appeals below (verdict appeal and dismissal of Phillips and Gongaware) have been consolidated. 

Appellant's appendix and opening brief due on 05/05/2014 By 31 Day(s) 
filed briefs/additional 30 for opening brief; RB due 60 days (30+30) from filing of opening brief; reply brief due 50 days (20 +30) from RB.


Phillips and Gongaware dismissal appeal - ONGOING CONSOLIDATED

On November 8th 2013 Jacksons filed an appeal about judge's decision to dismiss Phillips and Gongaware as defendants. 

appeal document

Link :


On January 22, 2014 Jacksons sent a notice of appeal in regards to the verdict/judgment entered in the case. Notice of the appeal was logged on January 29th. 


Judge: Michael Jackson's mom should pay more than $800,000 in trial costs after failed lawsuit
The Associated Press

By ANTHONY McCARTNEY, AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson's mother should pay more than $800,000 in trial costs to a concert promoter that she targeted in a failed negligent hiring lawsuit involving the death of her son, a judge said Monday.

Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos issued the tentative ruling calling on the Jackson family matriarch to pay AEG Live LLC after it won the case.


Deposition transcripts filed with the court. 

Note : these are not the full depositions, they are only the portions played in the court. 

Dr. Stuart Finkelstein Deposition video transcript

Dr. Earley Deposition video transcript

Tim Leiweke Deposition video transcript


What is CACI?
CACI (Pronounced "Kay See") is the name of the Judicial Council of California Civil Jury Instructions, the official civil jury instructions and verdict forms approved by the council on July 16, 2003. "CACI" means "California Civil Instructions."