MJ Estate is asking for a Partial Summary Judgement in Mann trial


Estate is asking the court to determine that (main and summarized points)


1. Mann / Vaccaro do not own Michael's intellectual property because Michael was not a part of the Jackson's bankruptcy and the bankruptcy only consisted of physical items and not intellectual property. (The list of the items include intellectual property for some old Janet Jackson, Jermaine and Tito songs. There's no mention of intellectual property of Michael in any documents)



March 2011


- As we mentioned before as expected (quite normal) Mann's lawyers has asked for a dismissal mainly claiming the previous lawsuit that Michael abandoned. Their dismissal request included personal attacks towards executors as well.


- Yesterday lawyers for MJ Estate has filed documents against Mann's dismissal request. Here are the main points that they make



January 2011


MJ Estate sues Howard Mann.







- Estate is suing Howard Mann, Sonia Lowe (editor of the book and the website) , Vintage Pop Media (and several of it's sister corporations all owned by and connected to Howard Mann) and unknown does (such as affiliates, employees, agents, partner, representative, aider, abettor, co-conspirator, alter-egos)

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