Diane Dimond reports at Daily Beast that James Safechuck has added his name to Wade Robson's case against Michael Jackson Estate. The filling is sealed but Dimond states Safechuck is claiming Michael Jackson abused him from he was 10 until he was around 15 years old.

Estate made the following statements:

Howard Weitzman -- attorney for Jackson's estate -- tells TMZ Safechuck has denied many times over the past 25 years that Michael ever did anything inappropriate to him ... but is "now demanding money from Michael's Estate by claiming he suddenly recalls life differently." Weitzman says Michael is no longer able to defend himself, but "we believe these false and scurrilous allegations will not prevail."

Attorney H.Weitzman statement to www.michaelmania.com about the last allegations: “Twenty five years after the fact and five years after Michael Jackson passed away Mr. Safechuck who has many times over the years denied Michael Jackson did anything inappropriate to him is now demanding money from Michael’s Estate by claiming he suddenly recalls life differently. His new story is that Wade Robson's nearly identical lawsuit filed a year ago by the same attorney that represents him jarred his memory to now recall certain events. Of course Michael is not here to defend himself against these scurrilous allegations. Ultimately we believe these false allegations will not prevail.”