Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys - Summary

Background: Sea is polluted by the humans (such as oil spills) for the hundreds of years. There’s a black mucky sludge known as the Decayed Sea. Some of the sea plants exposed to this pollution became mutant plant monsters that attack and eat sea creatures. Sea scientist and human scientist are working together to find a solution to pollution.

Sea Characters: 
- King Pom -pink jellyfish king of sea
- Princess PomPom
- Queen of Sea / Dalina
- Jumper the Dolphin – scientist of the sea
- Hank (hammerhead shark) – bodyguard of the King
- Tenoch( an Aztec warrior turned in a squid) – bodyguard of the King
- Varkor -captain of royal guard.
- Sparkles – a starfish messenger of the King
- Paco - magician sea horse

Human Characters
- Kevin (Lundon’s father) is 50 years old Irish American scientist, who is tall and muscular and has golden brown hair. Kevin is working with Jumper the Dolphin to get rid of the muck. 
- Sonia (Lundon’s mother) is 40 years old with dark hair and she’s Hispanic. She hasn’t met the talking sea creatures and thinks they are all fantasy. She wants Lundon to focus on education and not be so much into fantasy and ocean. 
- Lundon is 13 years old living at Clearwater Florida and she loves the ocean.
- Waxer is a boy that surfs and has no father so Kevin has taken him to under his wings and he sees Lundon as his sister. Waxer has met Jumper the Dolphin. 
- Waxer's mother
- Rolley is a friend of Kevin. Rolley sees the talking fish.
- Wes and Ida kidnappers
- Bunch of Queen Dalina helpers

King Pom’s scientist Jumper the Dolphin and Kevin (Lundon’s dad) are working together to reverse the effects of this muck pollution. They are working on Munk Munchers which devour man made poisons of the polluted water. Munk Munchers are a crossbred of crabs and catfish. They have 3 heads and they talk (each head sepatrately). They love humans and want hugs and kisses. Munk Munchers suck the muck in the sea water by their 3 mouths and spray clean and nutritious water from their backend. They also eat the mutant plants. 

One day King Pom and Princess Pom Pom go to the border of Decayed Sea to inspect the expansion of it and they are grabbed by the mutant plant monsters. Queen of Sea becomes so angry with her loss and she blames the humans and wants revenge. Jumper the Dolphin comes to Kevin (Lundon’s dad) to get some Munk Munchers in the hopes that he can show them to the Queen and Queen wouldn’t start a war between the sea creatures and humans. Kevin and Rolley (a friend of Kevins) dives that night to harvest Munk Munchers and to give them to Jumper. While they are working on it a wall in the cliff opens and tentacles come out and pull Kevin into the cliff. After the cliff swallows Kevin, the wall closes behind him. Rolley calls for help but they can’t find Kevin.

3 months pass and Kevin is presumed dead. Lundon on the other hand believes that her father is working with Jumper the Dolphin and will come back once his work is finished. Lundon’s mother starts to work to support the house and hires Waxer. One Waxer and Lundon has a talk. Waxer tells her that Jumper doesn’t care about them (as he didn’t come to talk to them for the 3 months) and tells Lundon to let it go. Lundon doesn’t agree with him and decides to build a bridge from Popsicle sticks to reach out to her dad. (Waxer’s mother is a Korean psychic medium who does séances with the dead and bridge the living to the dead – that’s where the bridge idea is coming from) Lundon takes Popsicle sticks and glue and start building her bridge.

That night Lundon takes her mother Sonia to meet Sparkles – a starfish that comes whenever Lundon speaks to her father (to the sea). Sonia hears Sparkles speak that night. Sparkles tell them to stay out of the water and they are in danger. Sonia later that night looks to Kevin’s notes and learn that Sparkles is King Pom’s messenger. 

Next day while Lundon was working on her bridge a couple approaches to her. The man says that he will bring Lundon some glue and Lundon sees there are several small children bound and gagged in their car but she doesn’t understand it. She goes to the car to get the glue without thinking that she could be kidnapped. When she comes to the car, they grab her and put her in the back of the car with rest of the children. Waxer sees all of these across the parking lot and rushes to help Lundon. He follows the car but Waxer too gets caught and kidnapped. 

During the kidnapping Lundon’s bridge floats out to the sea and pink slimy fingers pull it down under the sea. 

Sonia realizes that Lundon is missing and tries to find out what happened to her. Sonia fears that Lundon has taken her bridge to her father (Sonia thinks Lundon went into the sea). As Sonia tries to go to the sea , Queen of Sea comes out and tells her that as human kind killed her husband (King Pom) and her daughter (Princes PomPom), she has taken her daughter Lundon in return. Sonia tells these events to Rolley.

By this time the kidnappers (Wes and Ida) has taken the children out of Florida to New Orleans. There the kidnapped children meet Dalina , a beautiful woman whose face had love and kindness. Dalina had a pinkish haze around her. (Dalina is actually the Queen of Sea – pink jellyfish – in human form). The children are taken into a beautiful mansion with toys and playgrounds. Waxer on the other hand is taken to the cellar. It turns our Kevin (Lundon’s father) is also captured by Queen Dalina and now in a image form and Queen Dalina uses Kevin as a source of power to survive on land.

Dalina tells Lundon that her mother sent her here because she wants her to forget her fantasies and accept the situation with her dad. Waxer is still kept in the cellar and only given bread and water.

In Dalina’s mansion there were 3 groups of children. Butterflies who have been there for a long time and forgot their families and who can fly (have wings),cocoons and new comers called caterpillars. Children were brainwashed to be under Dalina’s control. Butterflies were sometimes promoted to a very secret level – they were turned into insects (heads and torso human and the rest is insect body).These are Dalina’s soldiers to battle with the humans. Their duty is bring disease to human food supply, water and so on. 

Waxer after a fight with Dalina’s staffer Wart (note : all of her helpers are half human half bug) escapes the cellar and tries to find Lundon. 

We learn that Jumper the Dolphin was kept as a prisoner by Queen Dalina but he escaped and took Paco with him. Queen Dalina is afraid that with Paco’s magic Jumper can free Kevin from her spell so she tells her security guards to catch them. Learning Jumper’s escape Dalina also plans to convert Lundon to an insect that night. Waxer knows that he needs to stop that. Waxer frees Lundon and tells her to escape. Dalina’s human body turns to tentacles and grabs Waxer and Lundon. Kevin tries to force himself out of Dalina to help Lundon (remember Kevin is under Dalina’s spell and in image form). Lundon manages to escape. Dalina sends wasps after Lundon and Waxer is turned into a dragonfly and he escapes as well.

Lundon spends the night close to the sea behind a tree. In the morning she meets Captain J and then Dalina’s wasps come to get Lundon. Captain J helps to protect her from them. Captain J and Lundon starts to travel. Waxer – now a dragonfly – finds them. (Captain J also has a talking fish pole). Queen Dalina finds them; Kevin again tries to get out of her body. Dalina wants to get Lundon, Lundon hides behind Captain J and says that she’s going to her mother Sonia. Captain J turns out to be the Jumper the Dolphin and the talking fish pole is Paco. Dalina hurts Jumper. Lundon picks up the fishing pole / Paco and try to use his magic to fight Dalina. Paco wins against Dalina. Jumper was hurt by the poison of Dalina. Lundon wishes that Jumper doesn’t die, Paco turns into a crocodile. Paco with Lundon and Jumper on his back starts to go to Madam Lifee. 

They come to the magic swamp and magic tree and to go in they need 3 keys from inside of their hearts: believe in love, believe in belief itself and believe in impossible. Madam Lifee tries to heal Jumper but the magic tree didn’t have any medicine. Lundon starts to cry and Madam Lifee uses her tear – pure love as greatest cure – to heal Jumper.

Sonia (Lundon’s mother) and Waxer’s mother were handing out fliers and looking for their kids. Lundon and the rest (Jumper in human form Captain J, Paco as fishing pole and Waxer as dragonfly) was making their way to Florida. During their journey Jumper told them everything about Queen Dalina and what happened to Kevin (Lundon’s father). Kevin could only be freed if Sonia too believed into the 3 keys (love, belief itself and belief of impossible) and it would be Lundon’s job to make her mother see this. Again Dalina’s wasps attack them and this time they were able to grab Lundon. Dalina and Jumper were fighting for life. Paco tells Lundon to grab his nose and make a wish, Lundon wishes Queen Dalina to become the good Queen she was before she lost King Pom and Princess Pompom. With Lundon’s wish all of them (Lundon, Jumper, Waxer and Paco) had disappeared into the sea.

Lundon (and her friends) finds herself at the bottom of the ocean. They see a giant skeleton and find Princess Pompom in it. Princes Pompom tells that she and King Pom wasn’t eaten by the mutant plants and it was Captain Varkor who imprisoned them in the skeleton. They drop a huge rock on the jaws of the skeleton; open it and free King Pom and Princess Pompom. A volcano goes on and they all find themselves in the Decayed Sea –either to die from pollution or to be eaten by mutant plants. Mutant plants started to attack them and they tried to swim away from the Decayed Sea to clean water to get away from the Mutant plants. After fights and swimming they were successfully at clean waters safe from the mutant plants. 

As Dalina lost Lundon she went after Sonia her mother. Rolley turns out to be working for Dalina to make sure that Sonia doesn’t believe the 3 keys. 

Lundon and the others try to make their way to the Royal Castle while hiding from Varkor and his soldiers. Varkor sees Jumper but not the King or Princess and calls for his soldiers. 

Meanwhile Rolley calls Sonia to his merry –go –around (he runs a merry-go-around at the beach) shows a t-shirt of Lundon’s with blood on it. Sonia collapses. Rolley puts her on to grasshopper ride and starts the merry-go-around. Rolley (who was an insect himself) was turning her into an insect.

Varkor and his soldiers and Queen Dalina come to the cave that Jumper and the rest are hiding. Jumper says they will surrender to the Queen. Queen and Jumper starts to talk and Queen tells her how she waited for Jumper’s false promises about Muck Munchers – when actually they were taken away by the bad soldiers of Captain Varkor and Queen never saw them. We learn that even he was kept prisoner inside Queens body Kevin (Lundon’s father) was able to communicate with Sparkles the starfish and send Sparkles to Lundon and use Sparkles to free Jumper and Paco.

King Pom and Princess Pompom rush out of the cave they were hiding. Queen Dalina is dumbfounded and Captain Varkor is afraid and he plans to silence the King and Princess before they can say anything about what happened to them. Queen realizes that she was lied. Queen stops Varkor’s attack (by taking the poison quills) and apologizes for everything she did. King Pom orders Varkor to be arrested. Varkor says they’ll all regret it and he’ll be back for revenge. Varkor backs towards the Decayed Sea and a plant mutant pulls him in and they eat Varkor. 

Dalina releases Kevin (Lundon’s father) from her spell and he again takes the human form. Dalina reversed her spells that turned children / people into insects as well. Waxer, Sonia and Rolley are also turned back to their human forms. 

Sonia ran towards the water calling of Kevin and Lundon and saying that she believes. Lundon’s Popsicle bridge which was on the bottom of the ocean started to get bigger and bigger and turned into a bridge from the ocean floor to the top of the water. Kevin, Lundon and Waxer walk out of the ocean over the bridge. 

The End.