Must buy - but don't expect an all laughs fairy tale

Before I go into details, there's something that everyone should understand about this book. As Frank mentions in the prologue this book is aboutMichael Jackson - the man and not Michael Jackson - the superstar. This book is about the decades long friendship - with ups and downs- Michael and Frank had. Also realize that Frank has a different perception of Michael than we all do. To Frank Cascio , Michael Jackson is the person that he met as a kid without knowing who he was, who turned to a person that helped with his homework, to a father figure and then a friend; a friend that he laughed, worked, cried, shared and even argued at times. 


Here's the summary . I tried to focus on stuff related to Michael.


- She didn’t want to write her first book , Jack Gordon made her do it. 
- Jack Gordon controlled her for a decade.
- 2003 interview with Larry King made her want to help other women in the same situation.
- 2007/2008 she decides to write the book she wants to tell her family first so that they don’t get the wrong idea. Before she can Michael calls Katherine and says to her that Randy told her that Latoya was writing a book and Katherine says to Michael not to believe Randy. 

Chapter 1: He's Going to Kill You

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