Lundon's Bridge and The Three Keys - Summary

Background: Sea is polluted by the humans (such as oil spills) for the hundreds of years. There’s a black mucky sludge known as the Decayed Sea. Some of the sea plants exposed to this pollution became mutant plant monsters that attack and eat sea creatures. Sea scientist and human scientist are working together to find a solution to pollution.


Some asked me to write my overall review about the book. I'm going to make it as detailed as possible and comparing to other books - especially Latoya's book. 

- Literary wise Jermaine's book is better - well most probably because he has a ghost writer. 

- Also Jermaine's book is a lot better organized - Latoya's kept jumping back and forth in time, Jermaine's follow chronological order. 


Chapter 10 - Seperate ways

Joe calls and tells Jermaine to come over without Hazel. Joe tells Jermaine to sign the contract with CBS. Jermaine doesn't sign. Jermaine says Michael was also tempted to sign with a promise with dinner with Fred Astaire - never happened. Jermaine stays with motown. Jacksons move to CBS without him. Jermaine wants to talk to Michael but doesn't do it because there was tension between him and the brothers.

Some time later Michael calls Gordy and asks Jermaine to join them at Westbury Music Fair. Jermaine goes but stays his ground doesn't go on stage. Disappointments. New morning Jermaine joins them at CBS to hear the plans for the future. Isn't impressed and leaves CBS. That's how they went their separate ways.

"There was a suggestion for years that I broke up the group by leaving, but I’ve never viewed it that way. I did not leave them: they left me. They left “home”—and I will believe that until the day I die."


Chapter 19 - Unbreakable

2001 - Invincible release. 30th anniversary concert. CBS Executives insisted on a Jacksons reunion as a part of the deal. Randy and Jermaine having problems with David Gest for charging $2,500 for a top-tier ticket and no hint of Motown on the show. So they release statement about the prices and say they won't perform. Later back down because it was important to create a special night for Michael. Jermaine says they didn't see much of Michael - other than the performance and rehearsal. 

9/11. Michael overslept because he went to bed late and didn't go to his appointment at Twin Towers. Marlon was in air but okay. Janet tried to send tour busses but they weren't allowed to Manhattan. Randy and Jermaine stop a bus on the street and put everyone in and drive to California. Michael makes his own getaway plan. "what more can I give?" song. Sony doesn't release it. Michael's relationship with Mottola is turning bad slowly. 

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