Well Michael is no stranger to random women and men filing crazy lawsuits against him. We already have several cases posted on our forum. We have the very famous Nona Paris Lola Ankhesenamun Jackson who claims to be Michael's secret wife, Billie Jean Jackson claiming to be Blanket's mother, a woman that claimed Michael stalked her for two decades and another woman claiming Michael wrote about their secret relationship in his songs and demanded $1 Billion .

As I was checking for updates in the lawsuits I came across another lawsuit that was filed Fall 2012 by another woman.

The case has already been dismissed by the court (within 20 days of its filing) as the court found the claims to be "frivolous and fanciful" - a nice way of saying bulls**t. It doesn't seem like MJ Estate was even served. (Edit: There's a notice of lawsuit prepared for Weitzman but I'm not sure if he got it or not) So this lawsuit is already over and it didn't take any time and effort of MJ Estate. 

But I thought you would like to read the claims and hear how Michael microchipped this woman in her brain and abdomen (why?), Michael's control and mental abuse, how it was her spirit that touched the billions of people and how she built Michael's Estate and how she wants all of Michael's assets plus $5 billion. So it's a fun read overall. 

(I'm omitting her name on purpose)